Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fitness Fiend: Taking Body Measurements

I have set the goal for myself to run a half marathon in 2013.  Not just any half, but the CHaD half in October.  This will support the hospital where my twin boys were born (see my other blog, Confessions of a Twin Momma for more!).  The marathon is exactly a year away and I haven't started training yet, so I'm beginning the process now.  However, part of the reason for doing this is also to get myself all around healthy.

I get very discouraged by the scale and I know losing INCHES is the bigger thing, so I decided I would start this all by taking my initial measurements.  I'll take and record them at set intervals throughout the process.  I think I'm going to do monthly because otherwise I might get really discouraged (especially with winter coming). So I'm putting it on my calendar to remind me to do it in exactly one month! :)

I started by finding out WHAT and HOW I should measure and found this useful information at Spark People.  They also have a place for you to record your measurements if you want to sign up.  Just in case you were interested!

I am going to be a brave Momma and share with you my current measurements on today, October 21, 2012....

Bust: 39.5"
Word to the wise for women: Our breasts are very soft, so they will give under the pressure of the tape.  Keep the measuring tape taught, but don't squeeze your breasts in so that they collapse under the tightness of the tape.

Waist: 34.5"
Make sure the measuring tape is straight all the way around your back.  This is one measurement that may be easier with the assistance of a second person.  Ultimately though, if you remember how you measured, just make sure you do it the same every time.

Hips: 41.5"
Again, just make sure you measure in the same spot every time!

Thighs: 23 7/8" (R) & 24" (L)
This is where I'd like to see the biggest difference which I think running will help.

Calves: 13.25 (R) & 14" (L)

Upper Arm: 12.5" (R) & 12.25" (L)

(I'm seeing a trend...I'm obviously right handed and prefer my right leg....)

Forearms: 10" (R) & 9.75" (L)

Neck: 13.5"

I will note that the arms and neck would have been a LOT easier with help, but hey, I'm becoming more independent, right? Hehe

You may also be interested in your Waist-to-Hip Ratio.  The calculator and information is available on Spark People, too.  I'm somewhere in the middle, but I also know because of my PCOS that I'm at higher risk for the diseases related to this ratio anyways.  *sigh* Fun stuff...all the more reason to get fit and start RUNNING!

I think it's important to include BMI here as it is a valid measurement.  I don't know that it's the most reliable, but it's another good measurement to have.  As of tonight, my BMI is 26.8 (5'5" and 161lbs).  I think that's pretty good given that six months ago my BMI was 30.8!  Good stuff!  Something good can come out of a bad situation, I guess....*sigh*  And onward I go....

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